the_myrah (the_myrah) wrote,

[FIC] [NnO] 100 Days 006-010

Tags: fanfiction, nabari no ou, yoite

  • [FIC] [NnO] 100 Days 011-015

    Notes: I was really sick when I wrote these-- so sick, that me and all of my friends and teachers were genuienly worried that I was going to die.…

  • [FIC] [NnO] 100 Days 001-005

    Note: These drabbles have already been posted to my account. They were posted there long ago. I started this drabble project over a…

  • How I Will Sink Into Poverty In 2011

    My favorite thing to do in January is go to all of my favorite review sites (insert shout-out to Manga Bookshelf here) to discover what is coming…

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