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How I Will Sink Into Poverty In 2011

My favorite thing to do in January is go to all of my favorite review sites (insert shout-out to Manga Bookshelf here) to discover what is coming out that I need to throw money at. While I was disappointed to find that I will have to continue waiting till I can hold "Kinou Nani Tabeta?" in my hands, I did dig up some really ballin' books.


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[FIC] [NnO] 100 Days 011-015


Notes: I was really sick when I wrote these-- so sick, that me and all of my friends and teachers were genuienly worried that I was going to die. Obviously I didn't, but during my recovering I dropped the ball and stopped writing these drabbles. Thankfully, I'm better now and I can finally work on this project again. So thank you to all the people who looked out for me and supported me during November 2009!

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[FIC] [NnO] 100 Days 001-005

Note: These drabbles have already been posted to my account. They were posted there long ago. I started this drabble project over a year ago with the intent of writing 100 drabbles in 100 days. However, life happened and my health failed me and I just got completely out of my rhythm. Part of my new year's resolution is to finish this project. And so, I'm posting the old drabbles to my (previously unused) LJ and to some nabari communities in order to get pumped for January 1st. Starting then, I'll be writing one a day and posting to my FF account and every five days I'll post the latest bunch to my LJ. That's the plan anyway. With all that said... if you're an old reader, I apologize and if you're a new reader, I hope you enjoy. These drabbles are about Yoite's last days, though they are not in any sort of chronological order and some of them are obviously AU. Expect unproportionate amounts of Yukimi (he's my favorite), but Miharu and the rest of the gang will be stopping by too.

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I primarily use my LJ account for reading fanfiction and for buying and selling items on Garage Sale Japan. I often have items up for sale on my ebay account, but I am not averse to conducting sale via LJ.

My Ebay Account.

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~I'm willing to negotiate pricing, especially if you buy multiple volumes.

~For shipping, I'm willing to ship it pretty much any way you want  and anywhere. Give me your zip code, your nation, and whether you want first class or priority or whatever, and I'll report back with the best deal I can find.

~Paypal only please!

~I am willing to make trades! View my wish list if you're interested.
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I am open to doing trades rather than selling. Here's some of the manga I'm after:

The Kurosagi Corpse Delivery Service /
volume 9 and up
Cromartie High School / volume 3 and 12
Chi's Sweet Home / volume 3 and up
Twin Spica / volume 3 and up
Bunny Drop / volume 2 and up
Hikaru no Go / volume 12 and up
Monster / volume 4 and up

English manga only please!

I'm also interested in:
Fullmetal Alchemist artbooks
CLAMP artbooks and pretty much any other CLAMP merch
Antique Bakery doushinji
You may also manage to entice me with merch from these aforementioned series and others such Nabari no Ou, Death Note, and Loveless depending on just what it is you are peddling.